Italy, I'm In Love

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I wasn't excited at all at the start when my hubby told me that we'd be going to Italy for a week holiday: Probably because I'll be going to Indonesia in June and before that I had two days holiday in Cork with some friends thus was bit tired for another holiday. But then I encouraged myself by thinking what nice it would be if I just go. 

There was a reason to have a holiday in Italy anyway, it was due to we're invited for my hubby good buddy's wedding party so no reason for me not to come. Other than that, Italy is a very classic country!

Two things I love most about Italy before I went to Italy: first is its languange, the second is its foods. In fact, I love everything about Italy!

It's said on the internet how lovely the place of Tuscany is, I surfed the information about Tuscany, but not the place where's the wedding taken: it's a good surprise tough. We arrived in Bologna airport, two and half hours drove from the airport to Sienna. 

From Sienna to Gambassi

We felt no tired at all on the trip, the views along the way to there were just so amazing and unimaginable: it's a heaven. Specially when seeing a beautiful apartements located in a spectaculer view backgrounds: surrounded by mountains, olives trees and with a lovey sun of course!

Sienna (taken at front of famous restaurant in Sienna)
tenuta quadrifoglio  (taken by hubby)   

We spend three days in Tenuta Quadrifoglio, the place where was the wedding taken. The apartement had three bedrooms with one bathroom and all furnished perfectly: the kitchen specially! I could stay (even live!) in this place like Tenuta for long time or forever: it's too good to be true, said my hubby.

The wedding party was fantastic, the bride looked very well and of course pretty, and the foods in wedding receptions are delicious and remarkable! I haven't been in a wedding receptions with  three main courses for one and desert one in a row! It's indeed a spectaculer wedding.

Starter: A pair of pasta hearts

Second main course: Fish with mediterian vegetables

The day after the wedding party we headed off to a restaurant, which is I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but it's very famous restaurant and most local taxi drivers know the restaurant (as it's probably the only restaurant or best restaurant in Sienna). 

We were served with a very nice dinner (again): two main courses, which is pasta and beef steak (finally the lads got steak!)

I asked my hubby for a bit walking after long talking with the lads, we head off to a castle. Unfortunately, we couldn't go through the places in the castle as we runned out of time. Times to went back to the apartement and had a nice sleep...

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