Passport Control (3): Arrival/Departure Card Indonesia

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I'll be going home in June and have all documents ready, such as my old and new passports, the previous arrival card and even the the previous ticket! I know sounds a bit strange as I'm still Indonesian citizen myself, but I just can't trust the immigration officers in the airport  sometimes--- not after that incident!

Since I got trouble in Jakarta International airpot last year, I'm now trying to be more careful about every single thing.

By no means, stating that it for general as there may still some good officers. But  there just too many people who every so often can't get out of the immigration officers' scams, whether they are citizens or foreigners.

In May 2010, I arrived in Jakarta international airport, flew from Dublin and had six hours transit in Abu Dhabi. I had my passport checked by the immigration officer, and passed  through the immigration without problems. 

In August 2010, after my three months holiday in Indonesia, I and my hubby were in the Jakarta airport  for flight back to Dublin. This time wasn't my hubby had the problem (which happened in 2005), but me. 

In the fiskal queue window, an officer checked my passport. I never had a problem before about fiskal, neither anything about passport. The officer  told me a  startle news, that  according to him my passport didn't have  Jakarta airport arrival stamp, I refused his statement and checked the passport by myself, which was true!

I was asked by another officer to entered the fiskal office (as I was very mad at them) , and had my passport checked again for many times. Either he just joked (he shouldn't!) or really meant it, he stated that I couldn't be arrived in Jakarta international airport without arrival stamp. 

So it became so clear for me that they were just politicking.

Surely, that the most ridiculous and moron things I'd ever know about immigration officer. If it was really about arrival case, they could have just checked it through the computer as all my departures and arrivals history were there (if the officer put it in the computer!).

A lot of things were going on while they investigated me; but I  tell ya, I was just too brainy for them! I gave them my ticket return and they checked it for soooooooooo long! 

If I didn't fight them back, we were probably missed the flight and got a fee charge from the officer for whatsoever. 

In December 2010, I arrived again in Jakarta International airport. Ensuring that the officer stamp my passport, I looked at him, he curiously asked me:  "What's wrong, madam?",  and I was ready with the answer: "Just want to ensure you stamp my passport!".

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