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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

A very cacthing ads hanged on a dart station in Dublin, on my way to gym. A "Say No To Ageism" champaign will be held in Dublin from May 31st until  June 3rd. I soon put the date on my list agendum. 

I concern oneself with this issue because I have been experienced: phenomenons of ages discrimination in Indonesia on number of fields, such as job and education are still common nowdays. 

This issue, which I'm very critical with, brings me back to the past, a year where I was very young. It was in 1988's when a Madrasah Islamiyyah I went for learning arabic, instituting 'blackboard jungle', in bahasa known as cerdas cermat. The advice in general took randomly the candidates, and I, who supposed to be in junior group, was selected for a senior group.

However, they changed back the rules, exactly when we were in the semi final, which to me, the reasons based on because they're all hypocrites: I wasn't eligible for the blackboard jungle due to my age! Can you imagine how hurt I was when they cancelled my position and changed with someone else who more eligible to be called as 'senior'??

Speaking of discrimination, it reminds me of my mother who was the first person explained to me what discrimination about. Thanking her to educate me this issue at my very young age hence I, at least, acknowledge diversity as a part of society.

She simply told me: "Discrimination is indeed a wound for everyone".

Sadly, what happened to me years ago still exist til today. An easy example can be seen at jobs ads, every so often company put age on the very top of requirements; even more ridicilous they ask for a good looking female in their requirements.

I'm afraid if the society still ageism the potentiality then can be claimed merely by certain ages. If this the case, then society must change their way as whatever claimed by pro-ageisms they can be bizzare. 
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