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Monday, May 16, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

I'm so exicted waiting my holiday to Indonesia comes soon, half of the holiday stuff have been packed: most of them are unused clothes, bags, and shoes. I was thinkng to give those stuff to people in Indonesia as they're might useful for people in Indonesia. The packed stuffing bag assesed approximately over 10 kg, so I still have 8-10 kg for my personal stuff :).

Although the holiday still one month to go, but I make a schedule list on my agenda early so that keeps me to stick with the plan.

I plan to stay in Jakarta with my little boy, just two of us as he'll be on school holiday in June. So, I'm looking for an apartement during my holiday in Jakarta (planning to go to Makassar as well).

Dozen information for renting apartement in Jakarta, but none of them looks like proper agency website. This is another thing in Indonesia: hardly to find legal office for renting apartment. 

I found a nice apartement in the Kelapa Gading area in a site, anyway. I sent an email two days ago, asking all the information, and got the the reply the day after. Here is the reply email:

 "Makasih bu bintang .., pd tgl tsb masih ada, jika ibu tiga minggu sy diskont 50rb /mlm nya. Mhn di dp dulu bu..spy tgl tsb sdh tdk lagi sy sewakan ke org. Dp rp 700rb. Bisa langsung ketemu sambil lihat unit. Bisa juga di transfer jika ibu jauh  ".

All the words formatted exactly like that. No regards neither the person's names mentioned in the end of the email. It straight away gives a message to me that this can't be managed by a legal agency. However, I replied her back asking her name and the additional information, and here it is:

"Perhari 350rb , jika perbulan 7,5jt "

Short, unclear, unfriendly and definitely very unprofessional reply email of person who willing to make money in their business.

I then decided not to take the apartement soon after reading her email. And you know what? She has just lost her Rp 7,5 millions. I love the apartement, but defintely won't take something from unprofessional management, specially if I know from the very beginning!  

DBLN, 12.25-160511


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