What Does 'Bule' Mean To You?

Tuesday, May 03, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

After the previous posting last week which is alluded to  mixed marriage in society images, as well as  alluding 'bule' issue,  it  raises my interest to discuss further: What does 'bule' really mean to you?

If we look up a dictionary Indonesia-English, the word of 'Bule' probably does not exist; it's kinda a slank word, but slightly rude of the slank word.

The bule itself means expats or foreigns. But refers more to 'white people', such as european western , american and australian, but not japanesse or chinese.

In Ireland, we have laws to call an immigrant. As many immigrants live in Ireland, departement laws attempt to whoever live in Ireland respect diversity. 

For example, in my area where we live, Garda (police) have introduced the residents to a program called "Neighbourhood wacthing". All the residents are given a package of information about what its program about.

The information includes about how to avoid other people (specially immigrants) get offended from the way you call them, e.g. we shouldn't call black people with colour people.

I used to call expats with 'bule', just like many of you, I guess. But since I moved to Bali and  making friends with exparts from around the world, I've stopped calling them 'bule'. 

My reason why I do that is based on humanity, that 'bule' words sound slightly discriminated.

I don't mean to exaggerate the topic as I believe that you  now might think that it's not a big deal for calling a foreign with 'bule' as you don't think to discriminate them: OR do you really not? 

A blog, which is owned by an expat who is ozzy himself, has a very cacthing title: "Bule Juga Manusia". None serious writings on his blog, it's about his daily activity only. All his writings written  in very good  Bahasa slangs.

I highly recommend you to visit his blog. Read for seconds and see if there something can knock your brain.

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