When Cyber Love DOES NOT Exist

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Two friends of mine were in love with men from the internet, one of them is very good friend of mine.

My good friend falled for a guy, just after months visiting each other blogs. She believed that this man, who divorced for years and had two kids, was also falling for her. 

To me she seems somewhat too naive in finding a mr right. A lot of going on during her feeling to this man, sacrificing my profile into hers was the most ridicilous I've done in my life. As a good friend, surely  I did my best to open her mind, but she just too believed in cyber love.

Until one day she had to face the reality: the man wasn't really falling for her. She'd become frustrated so badly , until I came up with a help by acting as her.

After a year covering from heartbroken cyber cause she's back with a normal life, and now she's married to a good man, a man she knew from secondary school. They're now expecting to have a baby in two months. 

Glad that she has a happy life now, I curiously asked her about the guy she falled for, and she simply answered: "It was just stupid".

I have no idea whether cyber love exist or not, but some people  willing to step into a serious relationship with the person they know from the internet, like get married. 

When I asked this to my hubby's opinion whether would he in love with me if he knew me from the internet, he  replied  me back: "To know whether he/she is good/bad person you need years to spend  time together with the person. Why do I need to talk with a stranger from the internet, anyway?"

Well, that answer given because my hubby isn't an internet person. Means, he disagree or won't in love and having relationship through internet.

Similiar story happens to my cyber friend, but this time  isn't happy ending like the performer story, I hope just not yet. The guy whom she falls for is a two-faced, teasing her and then dump her into the darkness. 

The seamy side of life is when you don't try to move on from the bad place where you stand now. 

My cyber friend seems stuck on him; well, she tells me that she doesn't want him anymore, in fact she stills dead certain with her own feeling to him. 

My two friends might not the only women have case like that, it is  a trend of society life style nowdays in which most people experience and enjoying within. 
In other words, internet gives something that might hard to get in real life, like looking for a soulmate, maybe?

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