Why Negative Thinking?

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Dealing with negative people every so often could influence our response unconsciously in perceiving their behaviour and attitude particularly when our thoughts uncontrollable. For many people, specially those who have difficulty with self-esteem and self expression, this situation sometimes can be psychologically distressful. 

The question, which I often ask it to myself is, where do the negative thoughts actually come from? James Borg, a psychologist as well as the writer of Mind Power, refers that people generally will blame the situation or people instead of looking or changing their way of thinking: this is what evokes the negative thought spreads the entire our cells brain once it's attached.

During my observation with people (whom I know), there are two very common of people attitude give when they deal with a person who they 'think' negative: they comment with a personal judgment; or avoid the person.

The latter attitude is what most people do: as like I often do. You may have similiar experience as I have below about thinking positive.

I try to believe that a positive thinking leads to a positive attitude therefore I try as thinking positive as possible as to a person's attitude (no matter negative his/her attitude). For example (you may still remember a story about a man who'd been removed from my facebook friendlist). 

However, he might realised after the given gift from me, how embarrased he was (if he's not too selfish) of talking bad about me. Indeed, I didn't hurt at all to hear that (honestly!). Instead I told the person who brought the news: "I don't really care: whatever he says or does". I thought it was enough to give her (the person who brought the news) a message about me that I'm not a type of person who likes to buying a 'bad news': not about me, particularly.

But there sometimes a 'real' problem where come along, not from our negative thought, but comes 'real' from the person: She really tried to provoke me. Don't you think the world is flooded with so many negative people?

Human brain is never stop thinking of something, no matter hard we try to empty it, the thought will go and  back with different 'story'. It is a kinda of  movie scenery which unstoppable and unavoided. Even in our sleep. Really.

An interesting psychology study discovered how the entire world and everything we do is the replica of a thought. It perhaps a bit frightening of finding bear in mind the other side of where we leave now so many people struggle with some difficulty society differences which often leads to violents and even wars: the creation of human thoughts?

When dealing with those negative thinkers, I try to be wiser: is by avoid them. As a student of psychology who learning human behaviour and mind should be able to handle these kinds of things, right? But no, I need some space to 'not think' about those negative thinkers.

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