Women In Psychosis (2): Complicated

Thursday, May 05, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Today, I got a call from a friend who lives hours from Dublin. I thought she might left something in my house from the last party, but she suprises me with a news.

Let's call this lady with Jeng X. Jeng X  is having poser with a  woman whom I don't want to be friend with. She confesses the aims of calling me is to get my tenets regarding this person. Although she doesn't clearly tell me the full story but I got the point: she's been hurt with this woman.

Women and gossip are intertwined, and I infer that it's a literal of women. Whoever (women) comes to me with  news, the 75 %  of the news must be about somebody else's. 

I don't refuse their story, neither provoking them to keep talking about the person, nor unconcerned. Thus, when Jeng X attempts to look for judgment towards her friend, I tell her what I feel about this person without judging her friend.

In my view, Jeng X's friend is the most psychotic woman I've met. She's not happy to Jeng X's relationship with me, as always, she begins to provoke Jeng X by telling lies. 

She's always doing this, provoking people if she's not happy with something; the worst thing is she could defense herself  with lots of swearings no matter what despite people know the true story. 

Eventually, Jeng X smells this, something isn't right about her. She makes up a story, which obviously isn't true. I tell Jeng X, do not  do a research for the truths of her story i.e. checking it with her friends.

A woman like Jeng X's friend knows very well how to play a   drama. As I know Jeng X is a good woman, I tell her to be more careful with this woman, also I tell her not to wait until it explodes.

Fortunately, Jeng X's self-awaraness above avarage, so she's easy to heals. With only little advice, she takes my point very quickly.

Becoming counselor by accident like me sometimes aspirational about human behaviour. I, by no means, intend to practise illegally, endevour to help out of their problems although every so often get tired from its complexness.

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