Women In Psychosis: Fussy

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'Women are insane', an unknown philosophy alleges. As an honest woman myself I won't resist its true words. 

Surely not based on me because of being insane myself; women are trully insane is based on reality.

No scientific explanation to prove this, but there dozens of examples show how insane women can be, have a look at the society pages, and see what you think of it, or of you perhaps?

My favourite video from the website is Danon light, an ads of food products with a woman drinks the yogurt in highly  exicited  manner. 

Perhaps this video reminds all women about how nuts women can be about their size body.
Women every so often aren't happy about their size body. Many of them try hard to get their dream size , and many of them aren't sucess. 

When the exercise didn't lead to sucessfull, products lose weight and surgeon become the alternative ones. 

I know sounds somewhat desperate, but something that men can't understand about women, women have  always a thousand of answers, which in fact they have no clues to  understand themselves.

Men can be happy to read this,  to read the confession straight from me. And sorry for those women who disagree with me, and I, by no means, intend to against my clan (well, a little bit).

But this finding of  an irish newspaper  is probably  supported  how insane women are: It has discovered on its research that 85 % of irish women are fussy. 

Fussy has significance in many ways; but most women would probably defense themselves with excuse situations for why they're being fussy. 

But fussy women are just fussy. 

If you know there is ingenious ways of losing weight,  e.g.  exercise and have good diet, then why you look for the hard ones? 

I don't know how fussy a woman can be, so far my hubby never complains about me being fussy (or maybe he's just  not a fussy hubby himself), but he simply infers: fussy women are  who never happy about everything. 

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