The Movie Of Smoke Screen By Sandra Brown

Monday, June 06, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

After view days finishing the book Smoke Screen of Sandra Brown, I've just realised that the book's been already filmed since 2010! 

But as so many people refer, a film that inspired from a book will never ever as good as its book. 

The beginning of the story wasn't really attrached my mood to finish reading it, therefore I finished it nearly a half year :) --- I thought I knew who the master behind the story.

In fact I was wrong. Too easy too guest is my typical character sometimes :).  

But it gradually becomes interesting when Sandra shows a riddle on the story; this is a typical of Sandra Brown's book: lead the readers to think that they know all the story --- like other thriller story usually have.

Although I like other people, believed that the movie isn't as good as its book, but I'm still interested in watching its movie. 

I look at the site review for this movie and also the main actress and actor characters: Britt and Raley. 

Quite different from what I imagined about the two of them. In my imagination Britt was an independet woman, beautiful but not too sexy. In fact, in the movie, Brit appears as a very sexy woman. However, I'm fine with Raley appearance, the actor just like what I imagined. 

Can't wait to see how good its movie.

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