Women, Cervical Cancer And The Smear Test

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Most women might familiar with so-called a smear test, but very few women aware how very important the test has to take. Smear test is known to detect the cells early  in the cervix part which believed can dangerously develope to become cancer (known also as cervical cancer). This test is highly recommended for those who aged 25-65. 

Where the cells develop its cancer

In Ireland, the health department has taken this test into serious account, is by giving the test free to those women who are eligible to take the test. As the irish health department that very cares with those women, I soon take their letter invitation for the free smear test into serious consideration.

My first free test was actually just taken this morning. I felth butterfly in stomach as hadn't experienced with it  before. But my hubby had given a big encouragement to do the test. 

Smear test position

It will be a bit uncomfortable, but it takes only about five minutes. The nurse who did for my smear test was very friendly and circumstantial. You might be given information about the aims of the smear test before the test is given. If enable you can ask about its conherence with cancer.

I heard many people said 'Before it's too late'; maybe this accordant for a warning message for women who think they're perfectly healthy. 

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