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Being in Indonesia again is a bless for me, and my third visit in the same year this time is for Ade's circumcise. As Ade is already 11 year old now, he must circumcise before he becomes teenager. Beside circumcise is one of the obligations that all moslems must do.

Circumcise, or 'Khitan' is normally did when a boy age 6 to 12 year old --- in spesific circumtances, doesn't preclude it can be done on baby or adult.  Whenever is a boy ready to have circumcise, and parents ready financially then recommended not to delay circumcise.

In Islam's view circumcise is important for health, particularly for men's health. Circumcise is by cutting the skin on the tip of the penis. Therefore it's believed important for health as after circumcise the dirt that covered by skin will not clump together and much easier to clean.

Organising circumcise ceremony is pretty tiring therefore early preparation could avoid stress. My preparation for Ade's circumcise ceremony was too tight with the date for ceremony, I, therefore, was a bit stress on the day of ceremony. 

Spirit Preparation for Circumcise

It's good to invite our family and discuss what needs to be done for the ceremony. Even better if one of our family experience about circumcise ceremony. Collecting all information as to circumcise ceremony and adjust to our ability --- don't exceed of our ability.

Apart from financial preparation for circumcise ceremony, I assume that most important is our son's agility. Good mindset will help our son when has to face the pain on surgery. However brave our son, remind him again that circumcise will make him a bit pain, specially when the anesthetic is gone (approximately 2 to 3 hours after the surgery). 

Many parents mindset their sons with a lot of nice promises on circumcise. Tell him the truth about what circumcise will be like is more effective when he has to face the painful after circumcise rathe than promising him with nice things like he can get anything he wants.

When Ade felt painful after the anesthetic was gone, I told Ade I feel sorry for that but I also told him that all moslem boys have felt what he felt and they're fine now. I told him that he can also share his experience to encourage his friends. It was only one week to recover, and Ade is now back to normal activity again in  better health physically and mentally.

Many boys can become fretful during healing periode, and that sometimes can be stressing for parents. Family or our partner will be indispendable on this situation. Try to devide task, particularly when on the ceremony, if enable, one of parents specialize in preserving their son.

Finally, circumcise isn't about spending money on its ceremony like many moslems in Indonesia normally do. It's simply for health interests.

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