Fasting And Health

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Everyday our body consume variety of drinks and foods. Good metabolisms will help to process the foods well in our body. However, not everyone has good metabolisms. 

People with good metabolims generally away from such as disease; in other words, most of them are perfectly healthy. But it doesn't preclude they can fall ill too. 

Many ways to help metabolisms process well in our body, included by eating healthy foods, a lot of fruits and fasting. These three ways are very common to get healthy life, but perhaps the latter is very rarely done by certain people. 

How Fasting Can Maintain Your Health

Fasting means not eating and drink until the time has determined. The time of fasting itself is determined by a provision, generally a religion's provision. Even in religions fasting is also a worship that should be done at the specified. The worship of fasting, in fact, not just to make its religion followers to conduct all the necessity the worship, but also it has a hidden of lessons on how to maintain our health with fasting.

Fasting, in fact, has been taught by our ancesstors since thousand years. Even many professional health researchers suggested fasting as the best method for diet programs. By fasting our body is given the oppurtunity to rest processing the 'machine' in our body.

Have a look how the machince will be like if it's used all the time without switching it off and maintain it regularly? 

It is how our body works too. All parts inside of our body has been busy to work out everything we put into them; whereas the metabolisms need a rest. Parts of our body need to be cleaned. When fasting, all parts of our body are 'off'. They've given time to rest. 

For those who are in diet programs, fasting can help to reduce their big appetite. If you haven't done fasting before, fasting can be very challenging; specially when the iftar comes, the 'revenge' of wanting to glut your belly maybe can not be avoided. But this is normal as after a while you'll get use to with the fasting process.

Fasting is definitely the easist and the cheapest way to maintain our health. And this is supported by many health professionals. For some certain people, fasting might not eligible to do, e.g. pregnant women, seniors in unhealthy conditions, those people who are in medical threatment. Contact your GP if you are unsure about your health condition to fasting.

In Islam, many young kids were taught to fast in their early age. They usually fast as long as they can fast -- normally from meal time (sahur) till midday. While these young kids still unaware about the important of fasting, their early lesson for fasting impact later on their future health. 

So why not try to fast now?

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