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Although Jakarta is well known with its high traffic and with its one of big population city in the world but it's still a very interesting city to visit by many tourists, specially by local citizens. Jakarta might not become a number one on the list of places to go holiday but Jakarta can offer cozy sights to relieve boredom still. 

It sounds like pathetic saying that we can still find a cozy sight in big city like Jakarta, but it's true, some or even many can still offer us to relax the neurons with comfortably. Here are a list of cheap places I can suggest if you plan to holiday in Jakarta with your family .

1. Taman Impian Jaya Ancol - DuFan (The Wonderland)

Since I was a kid, Ancol has become a favourite place to go. It's not just kids favourite place for their school holiday but also for young people even parents can have fun too. Ancol and DuFan located in the same area but their entry tickets are sold separate. 

As DuFan is located inside the Ancol area, visitor normally need to buy ticket to Ancol first and then if they want to entry to DuFan, they can buy it afterwards. Ticket to DuFan is normally normally more expensive than ticket to Ancol, but sometimes in some occassions they offer discounts too. Please find more its details on the website at .

As Ancol is located beside the sea of Java, it offers the visitors a great view of beach with looks well maintaine and clean. There are many attractions that Ancol can offer for visitors, which is good offer for those who bring a big family, aside it's cheaper there a lot of activities they can do in Ancol.

2. Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

TMII is located in East Jakarta and near to Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal. Just like Ancol, TMII is cheap and even larger than Ancol, so TMII can be another choice for parents to bring their kids for holiday. 

In holiday school and new year seasons, which is normally in Januari and June, TMII is visited by people from different regions from over Indonesia. TMII has some places to stay with variety price. They offer from Rp 10,000 - Rp 650,000/room. Depending on what type of rooms you'd like to stay, the price is very reasonable for students and family.

For local people, TMII is the best place to visit in Jakarta as anything inside the TMII affords a knowledge about cultures in Indonesia and its story. For more details about TMII can be found at

3. Kebun Raya Bogor

Away from athmosphere Jakarta to Bogor, which is just an hour driving, can be a good break for the kids. Just like two sights above, Aside from it's cheaper than the other sights in Jakarta, Kebun Raya Bogor offers fresh air with its landscape.

Another good offer from Kebun Raya Bogor is the building of  'Istana Presiden'. A very old building and one of historic building as it's the official residency of colonial governors in 1870's.

There are still many places near Jakarta can offer, like Puncak Pass which only one hour driving from Jakarta, or else a recent sights near Bogor, The Jungle, Taman Safari, most of these places are not really costing money. 

My suggestion is organise your holiday early to avoid disspointment, specially if you want to go in high season like in June.

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