How Gold Investment Can Help Your Future

Thursday, July 28, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

No doubt that investment property is a way to develop its profit. The thing is how do we know that our investment is safe? As today we can't even trust to put money in the bank. It is a big question to think about. But some people I know share their experience how they can survive from even in bad situation like crisis economic.

"No Gold - No Life"

Nur is a widow with five kids. Her husband has passed away three years ago. When her husband was still alive, she spent her husband's salary to buy gold jewellery and she keeps them. Her hobby of buying gold jewellery is apparently from her mother's hobby too. As her husband passes away and leaves with no pensions at all, she sells some of her gold jewellery. She finds out very surprising as apparently the gold prices rose, which is off course very profitable for her. 

She is now having two grocery shops from selling her gold jewellery. Nur says:  "I don't know what to do in my life if I didn't buy gold. I thank my mother who always reminds me many times to buy gold for our future -- There will be no life for my kids if I don't have any savings".

In some country like Asia, buying gold is another way as investment. As the gold price is going up all the time, it is certainly profitable investment. Nur didn't realise how profitable it was until she knows the fact of the price she got when she sold her savings gold jewellery. Such as in Indonesia, buying gold is one of the ways to invest their property. They can even have gold investment by credit payment in some banks.

Gold itself has different types; like gold jewellery can be a good idea for the investment; gold bullion is another type of gold. To buy gold bullion I recommend you to look at Gold Bullion' site.

There is no such as profitable savings like gold investment --- beside, it's safe investment. And yet, many wealthy people do this investment. The good thing is you don't have to be a wealthy person to start gold investment. Just do like what Nur has done. 

If you wonder why gold investors still survive from the crisis economic, you should start to invest you money by buying gold from today then.

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