6 Delicious Main Courses For Ramadan

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Ramadan is a holy month in Islam. Many moslems around the world greeting Ramadan excitedly. Ramadan in Ireland began on 1st of August, which is today. Though not so many people do fasting, but I'm still excited to greet Ramadan. 

Aside from exciting doing worship together, such as 'tadarus', namely the activity of reading Koran that performed during Ramadan. Another interesting thing during Ramadan is people are more excited to cook cuisine.

Speaking of cuisine, particularly Indonesian cuisine, a lot of  cuisine types we can find in Indonesia. Different island will have different cuisine. Don't be wondering if you visit Indonesia and find a lot of restaurants with their original area, e.g. sunda restaurant, which is originally from west java; padang restaurant, originally from west sumatera.

A list of cuisine below are most favourite Indonesian cuisine --- and often found in the meal time of Ramadan. 

1. Snapper with sweet sauce

Snapper with sweet sauce is a dishes cooked with onion and some sweet sauce. This cuisine is very to find in Indonesian, specially in Jakarta, you can even cook it by yourself. As Indonesian is one of the archipelagost in the world, it's easy to find any types of fish and seafood in Indonesia. 

In some regions, this cuisine maybe a bit costly but shouldn't be so expensive for exparts. Even better if you can find restaurant near the sea like in north Jakarta.

2. Beef/Chicken Rendang

Beef/chicken rendang can normally be found in Padang Restaurant, but      doesn't mean you can cook by yourself. Beef/chicken rendang is a dishes cooked with coconut milk and some flavouring material, e.g. turmeric, sesame, chilli, garlic, etc. 

To get very nice beef rendang  you need hours to cook it, approximately 4 hours. Chicken rendang doesn't need to cook long time as normally chicken is easier to get tender.

3. Jerked Meat Or 'Dendeng'

'Dendeng' is a dishes from beef and cooked with some flavouring material. A lot of works to do on making 'dendeng'; began from cooking it for hours and then drying it. Your big patience will be challenge during 'dendeng' process.

A very rarely people can cook nice 'dendeng', so if you idea to make very 
nice 'dendeng' ask the expert how to make it otherwise just buy it in 'warteg'.

4. Chicken Curry/ Chiken 'Opor'

If you ask moslems people in Indonesia what the most cuisine they cook when Eid (the holy day after Ramadan), most of them would say 'Opor Ayam' or chicken curry.

For exparts, you may find different taste of chicken curry like in Indonesia --- it's a very tasty cuisine; that's why we always put it as the main course for Eid as most people love it.

5. 'Pepes' Fish

This is what most Indonesian people missing when they're away from home: The cuisines. One type of fish can be cooked in many different of cuisines with different flavour. 

'Pepes' fish can be cooked for most types of fish. The flavour of 'pepes' fish maybe a slightly strong for those who never taste asian foods, specially Indonesian foods have strong flavour in most their foods.

But if you like to try what their taste like, challenge yourself to have different ones from your own country!

6. Satay or 'Sate'

Here is another the most popular cuisine in Indonesia. Anywhere you go to Indonesia, you will find easy this food. Satay or sate are normally from beef or chicken. But many people in Indonesia explore satay with different meat, such as slug or snail!

Sounds a bit repulsive, but see until you tasty it as many people become addicted to eat it!

Happy Ramadan everyone!

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