Fasting and Sincerity

Monday, August 08, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Many of my european friends asking how can I survive from fasting because fasting time in Ireland is longer that in Indonesia, approximately 17 and half hours till the break time: so how can we survive? As most moslem people were used to with fasting, fasting isn't a hard job to do. But there are some fiew of tips how some people  can survive do the fasting in a full month like in Ramadan.


I think whatever we do in this life is about how passion and sincere you are with it. Passion gives you spunk to do the thing you want --- there will be no success without passion. The sinceritiy is the resignation of what you do, you don't ask for the reply, you do or give it with selfless. You do it for your belief. 

Aside from people do because of the religious orders, they also need to be sincere to do it as otherwise fasting would just a torture for them. I simply view the ramadan is to learn what it feels to be unlucky people who suffer from hunger.

Worship: Healthier excercise

To be honest, I was very rarely prayer, but Ramadan makes it different. The holy month is like a demand for me to slightly remember or grateful to God that I have more time to make myself become a better person. This is all about a belief and you can do in your way ---- what you belief.

Why do I say worship is cheaper and healthier excercise? When do ablution before 'shalat', most people feel more fresh and cleaner (even feel cleaner than using any facial cleansing), and after the 'shalat', according to them the whole body feels more relax --- kind of like doing strecthing. 

Islam has five times in a day to do worship (shalat). In Ramadan, there will be a lot of worships like Tadarus must do (usually before dawn). So as many worship in Ramadan, the fasting time goes very quickly --- that's why many people can survive from fasting.

Your 'belief' is not just make you survive from hunger and thirsty. It's a victory of all victories.

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