Honing A Skill

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The other day I posted about type of skills, and as we know how important skills are, and it's not just important to get a better job, it's your value. 

I know many of you would get bored by this topic -- many people talk about skill and it sometimes frustrating us (when we think we don't have a skill we feel more inferior to others).  Skill doesn't come to you by itself, you need look for it.

When some friends of mine come to me talking about their future dream of going abroad to get a better job but unobstructed by their 'thought' of inferiors, I see it's frustrating them even more as most of them just keep talking about their dreams not come true.  

I'm not an expert about finding the right skill for you, but I've been in a situation like above -- feel inferior, and its suck to feel that way. Finding a way out of suck state is uneasy, and we need some close people, such as our partner, friends and family to support us. These supporters would mean a lot to encourage our future plans. I would do this as my first step to get the idea.

Lately many colleges offer a free counselling to find right career. If you have a subject that you think might be good to make a good career, then this counselling would be very useful for you. 

Remember about my passion story with the SPSS software? Yeah, that is just one of my ‘too-many’ skills -- after my mental break down, I go through it, and by going to continue study I apparently find myself how easy to hone a skill. 

Yeah, we know not all people born with natural skill, and luckily not all skills owned since birth – there are thousand skills you can still get it and hone its. Such as computer skills, you don’t need to be naturally born with it.

Once again, I’m the expert for this. I see many my colleagues give up their dreams so easily, when I suggest them to go back to college to get a better qualification, they reply me in discourage answer: “Ah, that would be too hard for us, we’re not young anymore, no opportunity anymore, bla bla...” ---- in fact, they’re just about going to be 30s something!

I’m compelled to write about this as I consider that many youths in Indonesia have lacks of getting their future: they have some common reasons of their lacks, such as bureaucracy; university graduates (some company prefer to hire employees from well known university); relation connection – you can get a job through people you know.

But tell me something, would you still need those ‘common reasons’ to get your future dream if you have a potential?

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