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The movie of Once was made in Dublin in 2007 and played by an Irish singer from a famous band in Ireland. This movie also won in Oscar as the best soundtrack movies.

However I'm not going to review about the story of the movie, you can check it out its synopsis in here

If you watch this movie you can see the most beautiful spots in Ireland -- when Glen and Marketa (the main actor and actress in the Once movie) shared about a story of their lives. 

Grafton street - the spot when they (Glen and Marketa) first time met- is the place that used by many buskers and multifarious attractions. 

I prefer to call this place as talent shows --- though some of them sometimes doing just for fun --- and where oeuvres indicate of their abilities. The street reside justly amidst Dublin town and nearly Trinity College.

However I'm not really big fans with kind of romantic movie, but this movie got my special attention. What is it? The song! I'm amazed by the songs on the Once movie. 

In addition most of the songs on the Once movie are written by Glen (the actor). His voice is never bored to listen and particularly with his natural talent in playing guitar. 

I just can't stop to keep replay all his songs (specially the 'Falling Slowly) all the day!

Everyone who already see this movie might agree with me that most of his songs are really great. Here is the soundtrack of the Once movie --- though you maybe like it ; ).


Notice that the street shows coming on the first scene in this video is called Grafton Street --- here is the place where many talented people show their performance.

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