What Skills Do You Have?

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When speaking of skills, it's normally related to office jobs, e.g. computer skills. As today skill is indeed indispendable in finding a job we certainly can't ignore how important a skill is. The thing is many of us don't know what kind of skills match with our ability. 

Since it becomes disconerting for us to get the right job, and this could lead us to misguided -- to a bright future. Here is some suggestions that might give you ideas what type of fields you passion most:

Computer skills

Before I study SPSS software I didn't really have passion with a data analysis job, but since my first SPSS class, it  has led me a new passion and skill. I can feel how passion I am and enjoying very much the class. Since then I start to build my knowledge about working with SPSS software --- and I find myself  is very good at it.

If you have a passion on computer, e.g. like very much to spending your time setting up the things of your computer devices, this can be a sign for you to take further step such as taking a related course and see how good your knowledge is in its field. 

Computer has variety of fields, that would be depending on which fields you interest most. Computer skills like Microsoft Office is the most needed skill in many company.

Hobby can become advantage to lead a skill. The key is the more you practise and digg any information about it then the expert you will become.

Management skills

Not so many people have leader skills, so if you think you are good at manage whole the things in the same things without hassels, as well very quick to handle the errors in a job, then you might have management skills. 

Management skills are usually for those who have higher position, e.g. supervisor, manager, director, etc.This skill is also needed if you are self-employee or enterpeneur. 

Counselling skills

To work as a counsellor you will need at least have patience to listen to your client's problems. If you think you are good at listening other peoples' problems, or helping them to sort out the problems then counselling could be your right skill. 

Teaching skills

It's not easy to become a teacher as you need teaching skills to be great teacher --- you will need not just good knowledge and patience, but also in management and counselling. Very fiew people would have these skills in the same time, but I'm sure some people out there just naturally own these skills. 


There still many of skills that I can't mention it all here. One thing that you need remember is that skill is something that you passion most and you enjoy work with it; when you find the errors in your work you don't find it as hassels --- you still enjoy it while looking for the way out. 

Skill is not always about the office things, they can be something very unique. Whatever your skill, it must be valuable for your future shake. 

When you wonder why you haven't succesful in your life, maybe its time to hone your skill.

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