Being An Immigrant

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I've never thought to marry a man from very far away, a place where I haven't been it before --- not until I met and in love with a great Irish man. Well, isn't that what love about? Because love comes unexpetedly and unplanned --- you won't realise until it's touching your heart deeply and finally decided to marry him, go with him, live with him for the rest of your life in poor and rich, etc --- and then moving in a new life, being an immigrant.

I learn a lot about Irish society which according to my opinion Irish society has indvidual type of society. A study in social Psychology also found that European society, particularly Western society  has a strong individual type of society, which is this type of society has the opposite of  the eastern society.

Luckily, I've lived in Thailand for nearly a year in 2005 so it gave me some experiences with different cultures but Thai's culture has similiar culture with Indonesia thus pretty easy for me to adapt with the Thai's lifestyle.

First  of month of my arrival in Ireland was the hardest one to keep going with the surroundings. Ireland is a very nice country; most Irish people are very easy going; they like chatting; going to pub; and telling jokes. However, like when you're away from home you still get home sick no matter how lot enjoyment allocable to you.

I have finally know that loving someone is need dozens of consequences. And therefore I have to change my negative attitudes into positive attitudes before it ruined everything --- my life especially. I began to spend more time to search information about Irish cultures and organise a do-list on my agenda.

 Here are some other things that I've been trying to change them up to now:

Integrating the Irish Society With Indonesian Society  - As Irish society is very different to my society at home so I start to join with Irish community to know that there might be something that interesting me. Most community in Ireland has a very welcome attitude towards immigrant and that is good start for me.

As they're very welcome people it makes me feel not like a stranger. I grew up with people who love social life very much therefore I like to meet people and chatting with them.

By entering Irish society it gives me dozens ideas to do something, such as become a volunteer. Aside from practising my English and learning Irish accent another advantages that I gain from being a volunteer are learning about Irish people and their lifestyle.

A positive feedback has changed my negative attitudes into positive attitudes such as to learn, to accept, and to respect differencess. Aren't people already born with differences, even they're twins?

Irish Foods: How can I change it ?! - Here is another Immigrant problem: foods! I really don't like Irish food! I told my hubby that there is no way to eat Irish food as I would rather being hungry than have to eat Irish food. Ouch! that sounds so hard, isn't?!

Fortunately, there is an asian market in Dublin so it keeps me alive! But wait a minute, the asian market is located in a town meanwhile we live in a county that miles away from town. Oh no!!!! The only market that near to where we live is Lidl, Tesco, and Dunnestore. Nothing I can do, I have to go to those markets. Thank God, they have some of good stuffs.

I love cooking and also love eating healthy food very much. Being away from my home not stopping me from eating healthy food. And here I go with another new exploration but this time is challenging my talent at cooking!

Here is good news for you if you like cooking: Try to mix your home flavours with other country flavours: It's delicious!!

Weather: Disaster!! --- It would be perfect if Ireland without winter. Oh Yes!

Irish weather is horrible. I have to deal with this horrible weather whether I like or not: So I decide to enjoy it. How come?!

My weight raise more kilo gram in the past of 3 years and I'm afraid if it will be more later so let's go over it! I start to  jogging in the cold weather --- my hubby suggest that a cold weather sometime gives you benefit and he's absolutely right. Jogging or exercise in the cold weather can warm up your body, and the other thing is I like to wear a mod hat and coat winter in red colour!

Some people say that being immigrant is all about struggling with the surroundings and yet how to deal if home sick attack your mood. You may change your attitude towards these thoughts if you know that many sociologists found on their study that those immigrants who can deal with its surroundings have better in mental health than those who never been abroad.

Really? You tell me.

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