A Fail

Saturday, September 24, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

A fail is something that most human being has ever had. Whatever level of fails we’ve had, wiser people infer that fails are a way to success.  

Today, I’ve got inspired from my hubby when shopping in IKEA: the way he sticks with the shopping list kind of surprising me; how come a man smarter than woman in such as financial thing?

I’m great at making money, but also great at spending it, especially when shopping. I’d like to be a smart shopper just like what my hubby always does –  he can stick with the ‘rules’ on his shopping list, I mean he really, really stick with the rules. 

In fact, being a woman, especially a wife, writing down a list of what ‘need’ to be shopped is not something what ‘must’ be bought.  So when I write down a list before shopping, I’m actually punishing myself for not buying outside the list although at the end I must surrender with all the tempting things around me!

Luckily, my hubby never let me go crazy at shopping (specially  when I near him).  As he’s smarter with money than me, I’m in good control. 

Back in 1999 to 2005, I was uncontrollable shopper (I could really, really do shopping till my pocket was empty, and the credit card exceeded). Well, that time I had a very good job and business, and life was too good to think about what could happen next until I was totally liquidated. 

When I asked my hubby how could he so smart with his money, he simply replied: “Because I’m thinking about future”.

You might have heard so many times people saying ‘future’ – but yet, you really don’t think of it, just like me. 

Before the crisis economic hits Ireland, people in Ireland enjoyed spend their money, until one day they have nothing more to spend.  This is impact the way I think of spending money – I’m serious. 

Today, I learn something from my hubby about what being smart means. 
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