How To Write English Smooth And Easy To Understand

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So what is the topic today? Today is about how to write English smooth and easy to understand. My essay is inspired by one of members VIP Effortless English named Mark, and also other members. I would like to say thank you for all of you who have been so nicely dropping your comments and giving compliments. Thank you guys; I really appreciate it.

Don’t think that I write this I am already expert or fluent in English; absolutely not. If my writing sounds like that I am better than you, then I have to tell you that I am not; I am just the same as you; a beginner. These all positive words for encouraging myself; if my essay give you positive influence in your learning English; then that is good.

Everyone has their own style in writing; I myself prefer to write in a free style. Whatever type of writing I write, I try to avoid difficult words that will mess up the sentence.

What are difficult words? I will explain later.

Anyway, here are my tips below in how to write English smooth and easy to understand;

1. Free style writing

Never ever think about writing in a formal way while you still learning. Trust me, you won’t make it. Write about everything in a free form. Write about your hobby, your family, your neighbour, your schoolmate, your travel; everything! But don’t think to write a letter to a company that need your formal skill in writing. You don’t want to look stupid because they laugh at your letter, do you? I don’t think so.

So, rule number one: write in a free style.

2. Use easy words

This is the explanation to avoid difficult words that I have already mentioned earlier. Don’t use difficult words. Use only easy words. I see sometimes many members writing so many difficult words which other members difficult to understand. Don’t you think is better to write something that other people can easy understand it rather than write difficult that perhaps you yourself can’t understand?

If you want to look cool for your English essay, then write it in an honest way. Don’t pretend that you understand which actually you don’t. People can see whether you’re good at English or not from your writing.

A good English essay also is not a measurement to know your English is good or not. Some people are very good at writing English, but it doesn’t mean they are good at speaking English. I find kind of these people sometimes as well; instead even for them who are known as English teacher, they find it difficult to speak English although they are perfect at writing.

So, rule number two: don’t use difficult word.

3. Right sentence

I know you want to write in a free style, but doesn’t mean that you just writing, writing, and writing without focusing the right sentence. If you want to get better in English, you need learn how to write it in a right sentence. Therefore I mention in the second rules that do not use difficult word except if you really, really, really understand it, or the words used by you automatically in daily conversation or your English essay.

A right sentence will lead you to better in writing English. You become know which good sentence to use and which not.

So, rule number three: know how to write a right sentence.

4. Reading lots of English books

My hubby said; “read English books if you want to progress your English” and I think this is also mentioned by AJ. Reading English books give you more vocabularies and certainly right sentence. By reading English books you become more know how to write in right sentence.

So, rule number four: don’t be lazy to read English books!

5. Use Effortless English Club Forum; Facebook, VIP members, and the forum

Don’t be shy to join these forums. These forums made especially for all members of Effortless English Club; for them who willing to become fluent in English. Don’t feel down if you see other members look better in writing while you don’t. Remember, they’re here for learning; if they’re already fluent, they won’t be part of Effortless English Club.

Rule number five: let’s learning together!

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