'Ilalang Menarilah' By Elly Suryani

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We can call her a new 'shakespare' from Sumatera and she's widely known by many Indonesian blogger as a well poet writer. Her writing style remind me with a famous old poet from Indonesia Chairil Anwar. Interestingly, she herself is not coming from art school background.

'Ilalang Menarilah' contains so many impressive prose and poetry. It is just like what Elly always write on her blogs, one of which she actively writes is Sayangilah Dirimu.

Although Ilalang Menarilah is Elly's first book, Elly has previously active writing fiction when she was at college. 

Her fiction have been published in some news papers and magazine in Lampung, such as Lampung Post and Padang Express. However, future led her to be something else, but blogging activity  apparently has encourage Elly to return to her 'old habit'.

After years break of writing, Elly is back and give her first shot at writing by publishing her first book. From what its cover, Ilalang Menarilah seems to be an easy book to read, you might think that it just a collection of  amateur prose and poetry - in fact, Elly has a very unique writing style, she always invites her readers to a riddle where they might not know the answer.

Ilalang Menarilah is the phrases of life where nature is the subject of Elly's idea. Also, the book is the resulting of Kampung Fiksi January event. 

The book can now be purchased through online or  bookshops. For more information ordering her book, please contact her email address at elle_1840@yahoo.com. Or else you can read her writings on http://www.ellysuryani.wordpress.com

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