Mature Versus Immature

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I'm not a big fans of Simpson program, but I find its program has some moral messages hiden behind its story. In a country, which is I forget where it is, this program is prohibited to broadcast, particularly for children. It's said that the program doesn't give  good examples for the young kids.

I start to watch this program when my mate who aged 30s something loves so much watching it. In Indonesia, or maybe non- English speaker country, this program is supossed for kids' program. But in Europe like in Ireland, I see many adults like watching it.

If you watch Simpson, you would notice Homer always act immature in every episode whereas his wife, Maggie acts more mature. The two of their kids, Bart and Lisa, each of them has similar attitude to their parents. Lisa is after her mother, and so do Bart is after his dad.

My favourite episode is when Homer and the kids are at home without Maggie. The kids are scared of their imagination killer. When night falls, both Bart and Lisa are screaming as they thought the killer come in to the house. Homer reacts like all dad should do with their kids, but then they all heard a crack sound of the door open, very qucikly, Homer runs and hide.

It is nearly the same what happens in reality. Many adults are immature just like Homer, and you might have met a young kid like 'Lisa Simpson' is more mature than you. 

"according to him people who often abroad would behave and act smartly"

How do you desribe mature or immature in yourself? I believe you need do some research to answer that question. But people generally relate mature to how people act and think. However, I find mature and immature is a psychological mysterious behaviours - how young kids sometimes can be more mature than adult? and can mature and immature change all the time? We often find a situation where unconsciously and quickly influence our behaviour and thought to react immature.

However, my research find that being mature would depend on some certain points, and here is the list of most common answers that mature/immature person is influenced by several things:
  1. Experience
  2. Education
  3. Genetic
  4. Family background
  5. Psychological condition
  6. Life style
  7. Environment/culture
I put experience on the top of the list as I'm interested in my uncle thought about someone who is more open minded or mature usually has more experience, and according to him people who often abroad would behave and act smartly. Well, they should be like what my uncle think about them, shouldn't they?

Unfortunately, nope. I've met a group of people who live abroad, and they're exactly the opposite of what my uncle opine as to smart. In some of those points above, these people have good points from 1 to 7 (I might except the point 5), but yet they're not mature enough at many things. I won't write down on a list of their immature in here. The point is these finding common points aren't really the causes of person being mature/immature.

So what it is then? Maybe psychological condition is the main cause of a person can become mature/immature. See how those points influence the way we think and act?

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