Meteor Garden 2: Overt And Secret

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I'm a big fan of Meteor Garden (and you can laugh for that). This program is played in most Southeast countries, and it also becomes the most famous melodrama in Southeast in 2003s. When I get bored at the weekend, I can watch this series program all the day although I've seen this so many times - it will never make me fed-up.

There is a scene in episode 26 of Meteor Garden 2 that gets my psychological concern. It's a scene when Mei, a girl that San Chai met accidentally, she offers herself to become Hua Lei's Girlfriend.

Mei's confession is based on her thought as Hua Lei often told her that she's adorable girl. Based on what Hua Lei always said to her, Mei then takes a chance. Mei braveness is another round of Hua Lei's attitude towards his feeling to San Chai - he would rather keep it and wait.

There is another character like Mei, he is Dao Ming Si. Si fights toe to nail to win San Chai's heart, in despite of he has to fight his mother. San Chai herself is actually falling for Dao Ming Si, but she's not as brave as Mei to admit it.

In this earth, there are two types’ characters of people: Secret and Overt. Some people prefer to keep their things secretly, their feeling in particular, for example we often pretend to be nice with somebody although we dislike him. We hide the true feeling towards this person; certainly we do that because we're afraid of hurting their feelings although you know that being pretended is not good idea either. 

However, in overt people they like being 'honest', for example showing the attitude of like or dislike. 

Si's character to win San Chai's heart can be called type of overt man. Si might be moody, childish and bad temper, but he's actually always honest what he feels about things. Although he finds it hard to hear from San Chai to say those three words, but yet he keeps telling her how he feels about her. 

Meanwhile, San Chai just like Hua Lei, prefers to abandon it. Deep inside it tortures her. Both San Chai and Si aren't happy. Si's waiting for the answer - although he knows San Chai must fall for him too, San Chai is afraid of what happens to their relationship next. Yet, I'd prefer being in Si side if I'm in this situation. Fighting for your dream is courage even if not leads to win, but it's still a victory. 

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