Why Do We need Go To College?

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A few years ago, education in Indonesia was hardly to get. A middle of economic people, and, slummer particularly would not effort to go to college. Sadly, it still happens in Indonesia now, though government try to free the fee of education until elementary school, but it's still not enough. The people who can't effort to go to college usually have minimum education until elementary school only. Therefore, many Indonesian embark to abroad looking for a job. With no knowledge and enough education, these people trying to get their better future. Dreaming about a good future is something that gives us a motivation, but how could we get it without planning at all?

Case by case of Indonesian workers who working abroad then become a problem for government, such as sexual abuse and specific physical abuse. If the government consider to education in Indonesia, I believe it would not be happening to them. There something has to be done by government certainly - I hope so.

"Sadly, some people take these uneducated people for advantages."

Those mention above are just one of my reasons that I still want to go to college. I learn from them, I learn from their experience, I learn how important education and knowledge in a life. Once I read about education philosophy says: Education is power. An Irish friend of mine joked about that words, no wonder, he's from a country which could get free education. But what about in Asia such Indonesia? We have to survive and have to work hard to get good education, otherwise, nothing will we get.

Knowledge and education are something very important, aren't they? 

I'm not going to college for a big dream. As I mentioned on my previous posting about my considerations to my country about education. It is sad if a country in a poor level country with economic problems. In fact, my country is not categorised of a poor country, beside, we're on the G20 list! And we all know that most countries in G20 are country which has quality to develop better future in the economic crisis.

Indeed, I hardly understand what is going on to education in my country.

The most consideration that really bothers me is that too many women, either single or married leave the country only for a housekeeper job due to unskilled, uneducated, and unqualified. Sadly, some people take these uneducated people for advantages. Therefore, cases of worker overseas increased every year. If unskilled and uneducated person could bring him/her to physical, sexual abuse and so on by someone who has more power, thus we know how power is education in our life.

Perhaps, when I finishing from college I could go back to my country, give my ideas about education to government. There is a big plan to do, isn’t' it? Well, although, it's still far away but I'm going to do it! It's just about time! (Really?).

I find an interesting case about education in Ireland and my country, Indonesia. As I wrote in my previous post as to my concerns in education in Indonesia, in the other hands, there some of fellows in a wealthy life who irresponsive to education. While people in Indonesia, are not able to go college due to of money, some Irish people, particularly those who in a good or wealthy life, they are not interested in studying at all. This is shown that some of them, even some of my Irish friends who are have a wealthy life, their education is just ended until secondary school. They have realised as to how really important education is in their life, after the crisis economic hit Ireland in November 2008 hitherto and most countries in the world too, loads of Irish fellows start thinking to go back to college to get further educations. The fortune fellows who still employed by its company are those who really have a good job, the firm probably think that they are qualified staffs and countable to the headway of their firms.

Then I change my mind about attitude some fellows in their irresponsive as to education, that is not about a wealthy country or not, we have any money or not, it's all about what we think about our life. Certainly we need some penny for college, but, think about if we start to think outlives everything from money? So, a chance will be dominated by those who got money?

I found nice words of the Quote of the Day who written by Patricia Neil, and I would like to share it with you: "A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug". I indeed agree with this great philosophy.

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