4th October 2011

Tuesday, October 04, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Morning blogger,

This is just a small note to greeting the October (though it's a bit late). Just today I realise that the time goes by so quickly. It feels like just a week a go people in Ireland celebrate Christmas - in fact, two months to go we will celebrate Christmas again. And I'm still counting the days to go even more quickly as I can't wait any longer to move abroad soon!

Nothing is special happens on the first week of October: but I have good news and bad news today (usually if my hubby asks me which one I'd like hear first I'm gonna take the latter one first). The bad news is I got a text from my old friend from college, a bad news: he splits up with his girlfriend after almost one year relationship (hopefully he doesn't read this).

Feel sorry for him. 

And the good news is I pass the Database 2007 exam!

Meanwhile, I continue to volunteer in Age Action to teach computer this month. Planning as well to take MOS Certificate after finishing my Bookkeeping and Payroll 2011 - I think I'm gonna work a bit harder on this as it's been long time I haven't studied accounting. In spite of my hubby told me not to choose the latter course, but I was thinking it might good to waking up my neurons for accounting. 

So this month will be busy again with study :).

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