Being A Mature Woman: Things To Do (2)

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I heard someone said about the stages of young, mature and older life. The young stage is the most adventure life compare the other stages, got the energy but no money. The mature stage gives more opportunities to pursuit better life, got the energy and money but no time to enjoy themselves. Luckily, my mature stage has plenty of  times - to enjoy myself and to use it even more useful (specially when I'm motivated).

Back To College 

Some friends of mine who are in their 30s something are afraid of going back to college, particularly those married women with kids - the images of being older according to them is difficult to understand a lesson. 

In fact, research scientist has discovered that to keep our brain healthier is by activate the neurons brain. So it obvious when we never try to a bit 'push' the brain then the neurons refuse to anything that make the brain works.

Long time a go, I hated Math very badly (percentage particularly!), for me it's a subject that could torture my brain. When I couldn't understand the lesson, I would give up and never came back again, and would copy my friend's work! 

When My mom asked me to take Accounting subject (and she knew how dislike I was with this subject), I instantly refused her suggestion (but at the end I still took it!). I told her it might because I wasn't good at Math, but she commented that because I didn't try hard enough.

Until gradually getting older it takes a while for me to understand how to work it out the percentage in my head - but I did it at last!

Going back to college in mature stage isn't the same when we're younger; in mature stage anything we spend would feel more value, so the time and money for college will be likely spent more wisely. 

If you're working and in a good career, entering college can be a good idea to gain more qualifications for your resume. 

What else you can do in your mature stage?

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