Being A Mature Woman: Things To Do

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I consider myself everyday has grown up as older woman. I don't usually put myself down to think about it - that I'm getting older (a depressing thought, I believe): unfortunately, it's true, so I can't avoid the fact of this. Fortunately, women (especially mature women) have dozen ideas to keep them well-preserved, or their feeling young. 

Things most mature women do when considering their old age are: go to exercise, appear in new looks style, eating healthier foods, do surgery and last thing is back to college.

I recently do the performer and the latter. Back to years ago when I was very much younger exercise and college are two things that I didn't enjoy most (does camp activity include exercise?). However, till today, I mean since my age turns into 30s, I've been considering them a lot more.


Exercise is a great practical to keep us well-preserved. Although it's not 100 % gives you a look ten years much younger - sometimes people have it from doing exercise a lot, I'm not the expert for this, but I see people that do more exercise looks very much younger than those who never or rarely exercise. Every so often my hubby impress with the looks of my two buddy's face although in fact they are about seven or ten much older than him. In fact my buddies are people who enjoy so much doing exercise. 

However, many people don't really enjoy with this activity - and neither do I. Yet, since I'm back again to gym few months ago I find exercise is more interesting and enjoyable. First thing I would recommend to you  to like exercise is: Do only exercise that you like most. Pushing yourself to exercise (especially if you dislike it), won't help your goal. I did some Gym-Do's to goal my lose weight program, I even booked a gym trainer, however I didn't really enjoy it. The worst is the more I tried harder in exercise the tired and frustrated I got instead (as I knew I dislike it and wouldn't help my goal). 

Then I change my way to get excited with exercise (my buddy from EEC refers to look another way if you find what you do give no results) - and he is absolutely right.

I go to class programs where I can find more socialable and enjoyable. As there more people in the class I can more have fun and not thinking too much about how much calories I've spent: exercise in the gym machine would make me thinking about spending calories and push myself too hard.

I attend some classes like Aerobic class, Step Aerobic (my favourite!), and recently I go to Spin class. The latter class is a bit tough but challenging. Without considering how much calories I've spent in exercise I don't think or feel that I exercise!

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