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October is usually the month when winter begins in Ireland, starting with getting darker early, very windy, cold and raining. Last Wednesday was predicted to have snow, but fortunately it didn't happen. Snow isn't bad all, I miss snow sometimes - thinking that I can't get snow in Indonesia that makes me feel lucky enough to be here. 

For the past two years snow hits Ireland very badly. According to Irish person who I know, 2009 was the worst winter ever since the last of 40 years. I didn't feel bad at all when snow falls all the days or even weeks. I'd prefer winter with snow than raining and very windy. Snow gives me different atmosphere - when I see outside the house surrounded by snow, all looks so white and clean, and somewhat I feel happy.

Winter can be sometimes nice in some circumstances, like when snow falls for example, but some people aren't happy at all if snow falls all the day. Windy and raining isn't bad at all, well if you have something to do this type of winter weather can be annoying, but if you're inside the house (like what I do now) with a cup of tea, watching TV with your love ones, nice and warm inside - seeing raining outside is a 'warm' view.

Although winter is not as nice as summer I still want to greet winter by preparing my coat, gloves and my boot.

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