At Least I Give It Try

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“There is nothing more contagious on this planet than enthusiasm.” – Carlos Santana

I meet some people who easy to give up at doing something although they haven't try it - myself used to like this, especially when I was younger, but then gradually bit by bit change. I wonder if maturity effectuated by the increasing age?

Speaking of giving up at something, somewhat I've thought a lot recently about to try harder of what I do now - not harder in ambitious means but rather than to encourage myself more. Even with something that so ordinary, I want to try harder.

For example, today, I had to get the further train station than the one that I usually got. The flooded was the cause of the train didn't stop on the usual station. After finishing from the gym, I called my hubby to check the time table as I didn't want to miss the train to Clongriffin and neither want to stay longer in the station. My hubby informed the very nearly time to Clongriffin would be in 7 minutes. I was still far enough from the train station, so my hubby suggested to take the next train as he thought I wouldn't make it at time. I was thinking as my hubby that 7 minutes would probably not enough, but then I thought again that I never try it - to run quickly from my gym to the that station.

So I asked my hubby: "Do you think I have time to caught the train?" with convinced voice my hubby replied: "You won't. Take the next train instead".

But I responded him in more conviction: "Well, I give it try. Maybe I can caught the train if I run".

After we ended the conversation I switch the phone to Music folder and searching for a 'live' music. I played Chayanne song entitled Salome and then walked so quickly. Just when the song finished I almost arrived on the train station, and I saw the train to Clongriffin has just arrived. I replayed the song and running very fast.

I told myself when I climbed those bloody stairs on the station: "Oh please don't leave me train - I beg you" - I keep praying and running at the same time. And thank God, I arrived just at time.

That's just a very ordinary incident happens to me today, but it inspires me a lot about not giving up at something unless you try it.

We very often give up at something, this because the brain calculate the 'impossible' thoughts to do it and send those calculations message to our entire body to give up (although you haven't tried even just once).

It took me a while to be very confident in teaching computer. I have to look for students who were less confidence than me. But then I knew that I couldn't be like this for longer as it was just killed my confidence even deeper. So I bared myself to take a job where conversation with native speakers is needed. And I couldn't stop laugh at myself when I find myself easy to speak at front of new people - and I just hate my narrow minds sometimes as I often let them to make all the good neurons in my brain down.

Well, let the past be past as I want to be better today.

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