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Emm, this weekend is a bit longer than usual, I've been searching for a template since two days ago, and have been changing the JengSRI's Blog for a couple of times. Yesterday the template was look okay to me, and I've asked my hubby about it (well, actually I annoyed him with a question every one minute!).

I was actually looking a template with pastel colours, and most the good ones made for the CSS formats, which is not equal to Blogspot format. But then I remember Cebong Ipiet, the Indonesian blogger who's been so creative making gorgeous templates, and because I remember on her comment somewhere saying that the reason she makes template with pastel colours is because she loves that colours.

And I actually love the pastel colours too, and also the features of  Cebong Ipiet's templates looks fresher, lifer and girly. I like girly things with not too much glamours. On Cebong's Ipiet templates, I find the blending of 'girly' and the 'feminine' template arts.

If you're a Blogspot user  and a big fans of pastel colours for your template then don't look any further as Cebong  Ipiet's templates will be your favourite choice.

Thanking for Cebong Ipiet for all the great jobs, and surely without her, the blogging activity will not be the same. I'm very appreciated all your creations, you are a very talented young woman! Thanks million. I love this template!

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