Discrimination Phenomena In The Job Ads

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How do you describe the term of equality? I believe everyone has different perspective to what so-called equality. The terms of equality according to law might be different from the others; for example, the immigration rules, immigrants have different rights with the citizens. Alright, I got it, but that's not what I want to talk about in relation to equality.

What I mean by equality is equality in general, how people treat other people (Included in laws?), and I find very strong inequality in Indonesia, in job field for example. Sadly, this still happens where many people do many campaigns for the human rights.

You will find most of companies require only in performance and age rather than qualifications (not sure if they hire expat: will they ask their age?).

Below is the most common requirements you find in the job ads in Indonesia:


Younger age is the most thing that required staff by companies (generally, 20s to 35, but very rarely they ask for more than 35). I don't know what the company think about hiring older people (not too old if you're 35, isn't it?), perhaps hiring younger people are much cheaper than senior. The thing is how the company develops their business with only inexperienced young staffs? This is just my simple thought, maybe you have better thought than mine.

Another  a thought of mine is, I find most airplane pilots in Indonesia are young handsome fellows (while  in Europe or America exactly the opposite): in Europe the more they're longer working in their fields the more they experience - and I don't understand how in Indonesia terms the senior. I allude my inconsequential thoughts to what often happens in the airways Indonesia.

My uncle himself has left his job before his pension (and the company thing its time for him to pension). Since he left his job he find it difficult to get a job. With a banking experience in many years he shouldn't find it too hard, and his old age is the only reason. Now, he works in a totally different field where certainly he dislikes it.

If you are over 35 my advice is try to be enterpeneur instead, I believe this way is more promising future in Indonesia than working in a company. There is no too young or old to be enterpeneur so start your luck from here.

Status: Married or Single?

Why this status so matter for many companies? Well,  my idea is probably hiring people with married status or having a relationship are probably will cost trouble for the company, or do you have better idea?

I'd laugh till dead if a company refuse me because of my marital status, but I'm telling you it happens.


Sometimes they can go more specific like 'good looking and attractive' - usually this advertised for the secretary job or if the company require for female.

So definitely the job is not for those ugly ones.

Reputable University

From 260's millions people, not even half of people in Indonesia are rich, neither half of them are smart or maybe they don't just like to go to the the best university in Indonesia. But many companies require this: "preferably from reputable university": Intellectual and social discrimination?

Maybe we just need to learn more about so-called equality.

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