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"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself."

I wish that education in the reality life is just like what the quotation above. I think I've heard myself about that from my parents. The fact is education (formal education) has been marked officially to determine a person's future career (you don't need this if you want to challenge your career in self-employee).

If that true that education is not preparation for life, I won't be so frustrated preparing my 11 years old son to the next level school (he's at grade 6 now), and it's bit taking me into serious 'too-early' attention to chose what type of schools for him - as you know there is a new growing about education systems in Indonesia: the public school and the private school. 

We know how different the public school's system education with the private school. I ain't sure about how different the public school with the private school in another country, but in Indonesia the private school is just far cry from the public school, I mean really really far cry.

The private school is normally running or collaborate by foreign, which is normally they accredited the school as international school (is it because full of foreign students and wealthy background family so they claim it as international school?).

Moreover, to dignify their accreditation, some public schools attempt to make their schools have the systems or the subjects similar to private school.

My son is currently studying in a private school - I have to admit that private school sometimes has better 'value' in some fields; but you need remember it doesn't always help your son to be 'the best' one as like you always expect (are we expecting our child to put in school to be the best one?). My reason to put it in a private school as he has longer time to stay in school, and I thought it would be a good idea rather than he spent time at home without a supervision.

My idea is absolutely not in aims to prevent him of being a 'normal' boy - off course, I want him to grow as a boy, playing a lot with friends; but I'd prefer if he can still get freedom but under a legal supervision.
Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.~George Washington Carver~
It sounds too good to be true. What education is George talking about?

My hubby think it doesn't matter to put him in any type school as long as it's good for him. I would agree with him if background education is not matter for my son future career (and yes, I'm thinking hard about this already since his early age!); but the today fact about what university you are graduated is kind of alarming me to careful chose my son's school.

Today recruitment is just not based on intellectual like a long time ago; company will generally ask in the requirements about your 'status' university. What means by status is how popular your university is. So don't think just getting a degree is enough to get a job in Indonesia - your university is the main reason you are hired or not.

I wonder if I can make this statement that the school today is not equal for everyone? 

I still have at least 6 years from now on to think my son's future meanwhile I'm counting how much debt I still own.

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