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I've been thinking a lot to lose my weight, and I plan to do it seriously, however the reality is only not even 50 % of the plan: go  to the gym only once a week, sometimes twice a month only. The main reason (that I'm happy to make excuse of my exercise absence) is the weather, and it's not just me reluctant to left the house while out side  freezing!

Okay that's enough for excusing myself. Now, I really need to lose my weight (as the weight cannot be tolerate anymore!). The last two weeks, I still had 53.3 kg, and  yesterday raised to 54!

I go panic to see my weight so I go to gym this evening and do the 'revenge': nearly 2 hours exercising in the gym! I do swimming, gym, step aerobic and the aero blast class - what a day for me!

I know it's not a good idea to do too much exercise (I'll do better next time) as I usually don't do that thing. I'm smart enough to keep my weight balance (49 kg is my normal weight), and the most importantly is to keep my health. The thing is my routine life is kind of effecting my thought, and when I feel so frustrated I can't control what I eat (specially chocolate that always makes me feel so much better).

I don't believe with my hubby opinion that when we get older the weight gain - that's not a good reason, isn't it? I don't care about getting older, I just believe if you can't keep balance your weight that would effect your health.

I feel I'm weaker now. I want to do a real exercise, and not just exercising my body, but my mind (not my brain as I study a lot of things recently).

I feel like I'm in a small 'cave' now with too many features without a light. I need a light. A light that brings me energy. Energy that bring up my real passion. The real enthusiasm. Not compulsion. 

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