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Saturday, November 12, 2011 Unknown 0 Comments

After few days looking for the 'attractive' templates for JengSRI's Blog and DapuR-Qu, I finally find the new ones to change my old template blogs. I got few collection of templates on my folder template during my research, and I upload most of them into the JengSRI's Blog and DapuR-Qu to see if they look okay, and got ones match with them, at last: don't they look fresher now?

I change the template blog frequently to most of my blogs with aims to encourage myself to update my blog often. Having more than one blog needs extra jobs, not just for updating, but also looking for a new topic and templates.

I don't know how powerful a template for the blog popularity, I know template is not the main thing to increase a rank, but you know in blogging activity (especially if you do blog-walking), some blogger like to visit a blog just because the person has a great template? So it's all not about a good article that a blog can get good rank.

I'm thanking to those creative blogger who have been working hard to make such as lovely templates - without them, the blogging world will not be the same. And special thanks for BuyMyThemes  that provides variety of templates for us.

Great job guys!

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