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Today many company use payroll to make their bookkeeping is more organized and efficient. If your company has a lot of employees then its very useful to have a payroll package in place for them that reduces the administration of paying them their salary every month, working out their taxes payable and their pension contributions for example. 

If you don't have a specific payroll system it place then it can be very cumbersome and take a lot of time to make sure that everyone gets paid the exact amount due to them and that the right amount of taxes are withheld for the government. If you are trying to do this without a reliable payroll system then you run the risk that you might not pay your employees on time and might pay them the wrong amount. 

This could be very bad for your business if this was to happen as if you paid your employees to little then they would be very upset and if you paid them too much it would be the profit in the business that would suffer. You could ask them to give the money back, which would be quite embarrassing to have to do, but you risk annoying your staff if this happens.

Maybe if you only have a few employees then it would be reasonably easy to administer payroll manually but if you have more than ten employees for example, then it would be really difficult to keep organized and not spend all your time on the administration of your payroll. In cases like this it is much easier to purchase a payroll software system that can automatically calculate net pay due to employees and all the deductions to be withheld from their gross pay. 

The great thing about this system is that once you have introduced it into your company it can administer your payroll no matter how few or how many employees you have, so it works the same for a staff of five hundred as it does for a staff of just five. In addition it is great for record keeping because it can keep thousands and thousands of records at the touch of a button.

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