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Thursday, November 17, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Her name is Patricia. She's probably in her 70s. My first impression to her on the first day was she seems like 'difficult' woman. She's wearing glasses and brought her own laptop (heavy enough for old woman to bring such as a big laptop, especially if she takes a bus).

As she has experience with computer so the Co-coordinator decided to put her in the follow up class. I thought it would be much easier to teach in the follow up class than in the beginner class - I thought teaching adult easier as they have better understanding, but I finally know what means by patience.

As when we teach children, we don't always know the answer for all their curiosity, but you know what they'd do? I leave this to you.

It's the same what happens when I teach them computer, especially if that's first time ever in their life touching the technology things like computer or phone. Some of them can get so overwhelming even with the small thing like moving the cursor. 

Though my patience as not as big as people think (so far I'm good with them ^^) - what encourages me to keep going and patient with them  is their enthusiasms to learn computer. I never see such as enthusiasm like that (not in longevity especially).

She's more interested in learning Microsoft Words than Internet. First day was the introduction how to type document, save it and send it through email. She got excited on the first day.

Before the next week, she called me asking about things in the Microsoft Words, and I finally know that she's not a hard woman as I thought. In fact, she's the most enthusiast student I've ever had in the class. 

I know better about her in the second week. I introduced her how to use Skype, and practice with the cam. Like other students she's also overwhelming by its magical technology. 

My life is full of experience doing things e.g. learning, teaching, working, etc; I gave a private lesson for accounting when I was in high school; I've worked for myself that gave good income; and I study many subjects which gives me knowledge; but the moment of teaching computer to these senior people is different. They give me inspirations about a thing: PASSION.

I can feel straight away when first time I met them, their passion to keep active, their passion to keep learn new things, and the passion to keep life going as long as they can.

Patricia gave me a very nice gift on the last lesson, and she now able to use Microsoft Words 2010, save it into document and send it through email. She is now still studying but with different tutor. I met her on Friday when she got her laptop fixed by person from Google. 

Two students have been inspiring me a lot about things: life, learning and being independent.

When I told Patricia and other students to keep practice and explore their computer at home, I was actually telling myself to keep myself learning. When I told them not to be shy, I was actually telling myself to be more confidence. 

I'm the one who actually learning in here.

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