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Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

"You never know what motivates you"
~Cicely Tyson~

While my esprit is up down like a roller coaster, I'm trying to keep positive as much as I can. Writing is the only way to open my hidden words and surely much better than eating chocolate!

This kind of thing never happened to me before, but the atmosphere in Ireland is kind of a 'black' city (everyone and everywhere talks the same old damn thing - the recession!). I feel sick with this whole things, and I want my hubby can get me out of this country as soon as possible before I become nutter.

We don't actually get the effect of the recession (not really), and thank God while so many people struggle paying their mortgage and hard to find a job, our life is much better than those luckless people,  that we still have a nice place to keep us warm in winter and nice foods to keep us away from hunger, and the most important thing according to my hubby is "we still have each other".

I should be so lucky marry a man who always effecting positive thoughts and attitudes no matter what (feel guilty sometimes when I realize how selfish I am). While still holding unemployed title, I try to keep myself busy with study and being a volunteer.

And from now on, I'm gonna record my volunteer activity on my blog! 

I've done many times in volunteer work before, so being a volunteer again is always something special to me. Since my arrival in Ireland, I gain experience in voluntary works. Today, while the crisis still ongoing in Ireland, volunteer activity is raising nearly everyday. 

Volunteer in Ireland is very organised and also accredited by the government. They have special organisation/department that works to look after volunteer.

What I firstly do  to get a volunteer job is register in a local volunteer. And I get a very quick feedback after my registration. They call me to ensure I'm still interested in the volunteer job and also asking what kind of a job I'd be interested in.

The people work in the local office are very helpful and they also provide a very useful information on their website. There different types of volunteer jobs they offer to people, from social work to office work. I normally do the social work, but currently I teach computer for older people.

Every volunteer works has different regulations, therefore some company/organisation isn't the same, for example about reimbursement expenses - some company/organisation do this but some don't. In the organisation I work with now, I don't get reimbursement expenses, but I'm happy to be there anyway.

People who do volunteer come from different backgrounds, in some cases many volunteers are professionals, like doctor or Engineer. Even today in Ireland, those who have background with the director experience would do volunteer as well.

This activity encourage me a lot to keep active and importantly is to to keep my mind positive. Today, I just back from interview for another volunteer work. My work will be helping refugees who come from different countries, specifically to help them to get use to with the current culture they live now. And I'm so excited to meet them!

Next posting will be my first volunteer story about teaching computer. Adios!

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