So What's The Best Host For Blogging?

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Bogging is likely become one of the most trend Internet activity, even after Facebook's booming. In 2000's its popularity develop, specially in Southeast. By 2008's blogging in Indonesia spreads over the country and today blogging develops its activity not just on a community but has also influenced in almost aspect of social levels.

Myself starts blogging since 2002's using Friendster host. As not so many people knew about blogging on that era so blogging was not really fascinating Internet activity at the moment. 

However, although blogging trends has spread around the world some people still new with this thing. For example, somebody in my forum course posted  about a topic related to blogging for beginners and what best hosts for blogging. 

There is actually no particular levels in blogging activity, anyone can start blogging with a very limit knowledge about blogging. What make people good at blogging is because they have passion on Internet. Surely a host play role as well, particularly if we beginner. 

How is a host play role in blogging?

Different hosts have different features, some hosts have easy features and some might need a bit skill such as template skills. 

I have used different hosts for the past of 9 years, so far I can only find a good host for blogging.

I've been using Blogspot for 5 years and I must admit that this host gives me a lot of advantages. Blogspot features are very easy, even for beginners. You don't need specific a skill to change your template as blogspot provide a feature to change it, is by just uploading it the new template.

Blogspot also a good rate to upgrade domain. In 2009 I upgrade my domain with only $ 10 payment per year. Somehow since the domain changes it impacts my blog traffics not just attract visitors from Indonesia but in many countries as well. 

Blogspot allows users to post review job and most advertisers accept blogspot host to get the review job
Blogspot has also host collaborate with Google and Amazon, which is another good advantages for blogger to earn income aside from the review jobs. 

Blogspot is more caching for the SEO - this is perhaps because Blogspot is owned by Google and Google is the most a tool search that used by many people. 

When I test a subject that related to my blog, Google's result show my blog on the first top of the first page. I don't have to worry about doing blog-walking to increase my blog or getting back links. What I need is only updating my blog very often, so Google can give more significant result for my blog traffics.

Less than two months my back links increase from 50's to 78, and without blog-walking needed. That perhaps it's not a big movement, but comparing how difficult a site can be read by people, so the result is not  bad at all. 

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