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A free society is one where it is safe to be unpopular.
~Adlai E. Stevenson~

Almost every month my hubby went to a firewall party, even recently he's been attending a firewall party once two weeks. I don't know exactly what happens in this country (what I only know is recession still happens till today, and that's more than enough to know as I'm not interested in its details), but there seems the population in the country become less and less everyday.

Two weeks ago we went to a firewall party of my hubby's friend and his wife. They were living for New York. He was a friend of my hubby from college so they were good friends. As I didn't go to first party (I excused myself to them that the reason I didn't go their party was because I don't like at all being in the pub - this true). So they made a second firewall party for those who didn't have a chance to come on the first party - so I had no choice not to come, but telling (actually warned him) not too long in the party, so we were just approximately two hours in the party.

In the party we were talking about to keep in touch with each other, and I asked them to uploading photos when they arrived in New York. I'm actually not crazy about Facebook (probably because I have Facebook account too long - as well two Facebook accounts!); and my hubby is just the opposite of everyone think about Facebook, he said: "so what if I don't have Facebook?".

I told my hubby's friend that he had once a Facebook account setting in 2009, and that was me who signed up the account actually, but then I deactivated it as he didn't used it at all. My hubby told his friend that he would sign up Facebook account once we moved to Singapore.

A week after they moved to New York, my hubby asked me to sign up account for him, but I told him that he can reactivate his old Facebook account. He ensured me that his aim of having Facebook is only to get in touch with his friend in New York.

Does he like Facebook now?

I even must open his account to check if there is a new from his 'New York' friend (when he told me I shouldn't open his account, I told him back that he should be grateful because there is someone who can help you to check his account!) - it's very unusual attitude of me to open his personal thing, but believe me, I'm here to help him (not being so nosy) as he won't or never open his Facebook account! So I'm now his secretary for his Facebook ^^.

Very rarely I find somebody doesn't like Facebook, and I know my hubby isn't the only person who don't like Facebook habits (posting 'what's in your mind', or something even useless, comment history, etc), but still, very very unusual to me (and people in the world, perhaps?) if you don't like Facebook.

Society has always seemed to demand a little more from human beings than it will get in practice.~George Orwel~

What's wrong with Facebook?

"Nothing. it's just useless." That's what I mostly heard from people who know technology and social network but don't have Facebook account. If my hubby comments it that there is no point to put our profile on the internet unless it's needed. A good point to the security of our sake, I guess.

But because they don't know at all about Facebook and don't have one so they don't know either that social network like Facebook isn't just uploading photos or putting useless comment.

People today are more smarter using social network to make their business expand or even to make their words heard by people in the world. A simple example, blogging. Blogging has given a great advantage for me to practice writing, some people even use this to promote their business, other like journalist can make their own newspaper is more independent and heard.

Facebook is now not just being used to show off a personal profile, but also expand a business. Although social network has also disadvantage i.e. people become less active in the real society, but it still give some good points for the society sake.

Anyway, being less active in the real society isn't because from the activity social network - many people just don't like being in a society, like my hubby, but he likes watching TV - can this be called social network activity as well? (I hope he doesn't read this ^^).

Emm, I wonder if we can call people who have type like my hubby (dislike social network) is a conservative (but even conservatives they use social network, don't they?). I wonder if the words above that quoted by Adlai E. Stevenson is aimed for us who like too much showing off our things?

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