Because She Loves Me,

Friday, December 23, 2011 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

When I was teenager my mom used to make syukuran on my birthday, usually she made nasi kuning, the Indonesian food made from yellow rice and she decorated around its cone yellow rice beautifully. She was very active woman, a lovable woman, enjoy very much cooking and the thing I like most from her is she's very positive attitude to anyone. 

As a single parent, she couldn't be dependent to anyone, she worked seven days and timelessly but I've never heard she complained of what she did. She was a very tough woman. 

She taught me load of things, looking back through her past life experience, don't do that and don't this. I was bored sometimes and even didn't want to listen to her. Once we were apart I realise I must learn, learn to listen what she said.

She always told me since even I was kid, to wake up early as wake early in the morning and having exercise is good for our health. "Always tidy as a girl is also important" she said.  

She wanted me to study hard so that I could have a good future. I remember when I tried to get try out, my mom warned if I couldn't get through the try out I would not be continuing study, she told me instead that she would buy a sewing for me and looking for a man to marry me.

She always had something to keeping me  up so that I didn't give up very easily.

I'm yearning you - your cooking, your old advice, your nagging, your everything. I wish you were her, mom. 

Happy Mother's day. 

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