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25th December only four days left. And Its Christmas. Since I live in Ireland just realise what its Christmas about:  for Kids it means the Gift Day, for women it means Shopping Day *its always about shopping for women, anyway!, for husband it maybe the Headache Day,  and for me --- I'm not sure.

So its so a special day for everyone.

I don't celebrate Christmas for sure, but the atmosphere during Eve Christmas makes me feel like to celebrate it - most people in Ireland are very Christmas, they could decorate their home two months before the Christmas; many shopping centre display the Christmas sale or the Christmas decorations; and most the TV ads is about Christmas. 

As I have nothing to do on Christmas so I went look what the shopping centre offer for me. I usually like when doing a window shopping, but today when I arrives in a shopping centre, something very unusual happens to me - the mall gives me a headache instead! 

I meant to look for the present for my hubby's birthday, which is today. I haven't got anything for him *he has always warned not to buy anything for him but I insist to buy something for his birthday - that due to I was a bit reluctant to go for shopping in the other day as I know all the shopping centre are very busy during the Christmas Eve and until the Winter Sale. 

I hate being in the middle of crowded so there is absolutely no way to go shopping - even though on Winter Sale: how can you enjoy the shopping in the crowded?

I've decided to have something else for his gift birthday anyway.

My hubby himself hasn't done any Christmas-shopping yet. He has three nieces who are waiting for a present so willy-nilly he must buy something for them. I've reminded him yesterday to look for something for the Christmas, and he said he would do it on Tuesday *which I'm expecting something too from his shopping :).

That's it about Christmas from me today - will be back again in another story. Happy Christmas everyone.

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