Happy Birthday

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He's been busy recently, I mean very very busy. Well, he's always busy anyway since the crisis economic hits Ireland - and to be honest I don't really like it when he's so busy.

The problem is on me and that because only the two of us at home so you can imagine how quite the house would be if only one person in the house - especially in the big house! Our house has three floors, three bed rooms, three bathrooms, a big kitchen, a dining room and a cold-lonely living room - so I feel like in the middle of a grave when he's not home.

Anyway, today is his birthday. As I wrote on my previous posting, I meant to look for a gift for his birthday but unfortunately I couldn't make it so I decided to make a very quick cake this evening.

I've been extremely tired myself from not being slept well last night, wake up at 4.27 am this morning and couldn't back to sleep since then. I decided not to go to the gym as I'd survive to prepare anything for his birthday.

As my energy down, I didn't prepare for the stuffs so I decided to make something easy and quick: Brownie cake and pasta lasagna for his dinner.

the unprepared birthday cake

A simple dinner: Beef lasagna. I'll post the recipes on DapuR-Qu

It took less than one and half hour until everything is ready. I even still have time to posting this while waiting him.

The dinner was finished so quickly (I guess he's starving), and the cake too. We're back to the living room, as usual watching TV, and I'm fixing the old laptop myself, beside him, I must see his jumping and shouting while watching his favourite team play.

Happy birthday honey.

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