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"The first wealth is health"
~Ralph Waldo Emerso

As you know (did I tell you about my weight?), I have gain more weights since I came back from holiday few months ago, and you know it's easier to gain weight than to keep the weight or to reduce it. Since the past of two months I've been focusing my exercise - to do it moderately. So I go to the gym doing different classes five days a week. 

The first month of concentrating in exercise was doing great - I lost 2 KG. Yey! I'm happy enough with the result. It's not just about losing weights but I'm also more motivated and fresher than before and I'm currently planning to do a simple diet program. 

I was thinking to go to a clinic where offers a weight lose programs before, but then I laughed at myself: am I really that obsessed about losing weight (or skinny image?)? - fortunately , no, I'm not (a little bit before ^^). 

So before I go to the wrong way to lose some weight, I try to make a plan, and I promise to myself not to invade it!

The gym is doing fine, but when I want to start the extreme diet that I read on Krikris's Blog, I find obstacles to start it. I've got visitors that makes me invade my diet program. Well, I thought it's okay as it's just beginning (so I don't want too hard to myself). 

As many people (women particularly) when they think about their thoughts of over weight , most of them become obsessed of being thinner, as like I always thought.

When thinking of this *being thinner - it make people forget about being thinner in healthy way, most people would only think the way to be thinner.

This attitude can be dangerous or fatal for our health as once the obsession is patterned in our mind we will do any ways to get this dream image.

When I search about losing weight programs on the internet, they come up with dozen of slimming products. It is very attempting, especially if we're already obsessed with thinner body image.

I was attempting to buy one as well but when I research the information of the product then I realized I was lucky not to buy one. Always read the ingredients of whatever products you buy - they can be harmful for your health. 

Since I'm interested in losing weight in healthier way, I surf any information about it. Any slimming products, in the name of health or whatsoever - I look for its their information. And I come with my conclusion that they're all are only ads which never give you a permanent result. 

The current life style modern likely influence how we think about being healthy, and we've forgotten the pretty simpler way to be slimmer and healthier: how many percent do you think people would take a slimming product  rather than exercise to get slimming?

I'm afraid the answer will be above average. 

I was thinking about current life style we live today. Everything has to be done instantly. And look what happens in the existence around us?

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