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"The fact is, that to do anything in the world worth doing, we must not stand back shivering and thinking of the cold and danger, but jump in and scramble through as well as we can". ~ Robert Cushing ~

I see my spirit last month was a bit better than the other month which a good start to greet the 2012 I suppose. As I don't want feel dumb in 2012 (who wants to feel dumb anyway?) - I'd better keep the spirit high. Do you know what difficult to do in life is? I've recently thought about this, and according to my mental break down experience for the past of two months there are two things that hardly for us to do: to start a thing and to keep going. 

I thought these two things are easy (obviously not especially in mental breakdown time), so I start  from doing exercise first... 

Even a small step seems too hard to do, especially in the mental break down time - you need a big 'think' and big motivation from yourself, not from people around you. They might give you good advice to make yourself better to motivate you but trust me it won't work as the one who feel 'down' is you.

It is also hard not to show negative attitudes to people around us, everything seems disinterest. But as long as there is a positive think remains (even just a small chance), I'm sure this can change the negative attitude.

My plan to lose weight is a bit success. Although it's not a big success but I'm happy enough as I can start to do it and stick to it. Last month was my big motivation of the month to do exercise, I went to exercise moderately, 5 days in a week. I was also kinda addicted to do spin class. 

To keep myself motivate I do a research about health and diet and I find some very good websites about losing weight in healthy way. I plan to change a bit the way I exercise (including change the spin class from 5 days a week to twice a week). 

I'm now starting to do extreme diet. The first day is unfortunately fail, which is today - and I don't want too hard to myself as that probably would break my motivate and get me back to negative attitude. I told myself it's okay if I don't want to start to do it now. 

The most important thing for me now is that I can start to do what I've planned and for 30 days I've been able to stick to it. May this month gives me higher spirit.

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