If You Can't Access Your Blog Account Or Your Blog is Removed...

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Alright, this is the continuation of my previous posting regarding account issue. As I said on my previous posting that I ain't expert on this, the reason why posting this due to I concern to blogger's perception regarding their account issue, and therefore I want to share my little knowledge and experience related to this issue.

If the case is you can't access your account, it usually come up with a message telling you why you can't access it. There many reasons why your account has been disabled or removed so read the message carefully what it tells you and if this is the case i.e. deleted or removed, the message will give you a detail description the cause of the removal account - in most cases this is not hacked or whatsoever i.e. password stolen.

Go to Blogger Help Forum

Just to remind you again about blogger help forum: this a forum to ask your blogging forum but it doesn't always help you as there some technical reasons if/why you problem is still unresolved. For more details please go to this site.

So my first advise is once you can't access your account or your blog has been removed, go to blogger help forum. Type related issue to your problems and then click search. You will find many discussions related to your issue. If there is no discussion that can help your problem the next step is posting a question.

Post a question in Blogger Help forum

If you have read the site I've given above then you know how to post a question. Knowing Technic how to post a question in the blogger help forum is very important *if you want get the response from the right person. 

The top contributors from the Blogger Help Forum are actually very helpful. If they reply your question take this for good, ask them any necessary questions, but remember to keep the question clear.

If you follow the steps how to post a question then you will get quick, good response and satisfy result.

Up to Date Your Question

Once your question is posted you need to up to date it. Do not post the same/related question in new/other discussion. Just stay on. Your question influence why its answered or unanswered, so again read its steps how to post a question!

So ensure you visit your discussion often in case there is a reply for your question.

Be Patient

Finally, patient is also important as it's not only you who have problem. If they ask you to wait for a couple of weeks then wait. It will take longer or even no answer if you keep asking the same question to them - so be patient ^^.

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P.S. This posting is to celebrate the reactive of DyahRachmi's Blog. Question was posted on 28th November 2012 and the blog has active again on 4th December 2012 at 15.30 GMT. Yay!

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