Is Your Blog Hacked Or Deleted By Google?

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I don't usually posting about this but since I see some bloggers (Indonesian bloggers especially) are having trouble accessing their blogs, even their blog has been deleted, then I decide to have a label special discussion about this.

Obviously, I'm not expert in Blogging nor working for Google. But I bravely to share this as I see many bloggers have been 'miss-knowledge' about the difference their blogs have been hacked and unable to access their account due to certain reasons - the recent phenomena that happens in blogging activity according to some bloggers assume that their password account has been stolen or hacked.

To ensure you don't give too quick assumption here are my very easy simple steps to know whether your blogs has been hacked or deleted by Google.

Read The Warning Message

This is the most important thing to know whether your blog has been hacked or deleted by Google: the warning message. As this in English many bloggers ignore the message and only focus in 'why I can't access my account' or 'Why my blog is disappear' without reading carefully what the message tells them.

This is the common mistake that often done by Indonesian bloggers. Once they're unable to access their account they assume that their account has been hacked. 

It will be obvious if your blog has been hacked by someone. A warning message will appear once you access your account, something that saying about malware that can harm your computer. Any message that comes up will be in English, if your unsure what it tells you than try use the translation tools.

Any time you can't access your blog account or your blog is disappeared it always give a message what the cause of the events - so do not make assumption yourself without reading the message clearly.

When a blogger tells me that her blog has been hacked, I curiously offer her for helps *curious that her blog is really hacked. Her account is apparently has been deleted by Google as well as her blog. 

So remember, any access problems have a reason. I know your blog is important but most importantly is not to panic!  So take a deep breath and as someone somewhere said: It's not the end of the world!

Use Blogger Help Forum 

This is for Blogspot users account. Google provides a forum to to ask your blogging problems and many bloggers don't know or don't care about this. Perhaps that because in English so its unconvinced them to learn it. 

As I mention earlier, use the translation tools if you're unsure about your English ability - I'm sure they will understand even with your basic English *I hope so.

No matter what problems with your blog just posting a question in this blogger help forum. But bear in mind that although the forum is the place to ask your blogging problems there also regulations that you must know so ensure you know its rules before you post your question. 

Next posting about how to get your question responded by Blogger Support. See ya!

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