Letter To Santa

Saturday, December 24, 2011 Unknown 0 Comments

Dear Santa,

This is my first letter to you after what all you give to me. Although Christmas is still three days to go but I got your present already and I want to apologise as I couldn't resist myself not to open it straight away *as always.

I know I often act like a child - just like yesterday when I received the present from the shop cashier, I couldn't stop smiling all the way home, I felt like winning a million lottery, and I'm sorry for not being more mature at my 35 - I just can't sometimes.

I know that you can't help yourself either not to give me a present *you said you wanted to think about it as its quite expensive but yet you still let me bought it.

I know you could stop it if you wanted to but I know you don't like to see me upset, and badly that I use it as advantage. But yet you call me I'm a very good girl.

Santa, your kindness is like a mother who loving her child.

Santa, I love you. I'm sorry for my childishness, I promise I'll try to be a good girl.

DBLN, 18.12-231211

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